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Alcohol Treatment Centers Buffalo

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Many residents in Buffalo are battling alcoholism or teetering on the edge of this debilitating disease. We recognize at Alcohol Treatment Centers Buffalo that there are many paths that lead to addiction. People with a genetic predisposition can become dependent on this substance from the first use. The transition from recreational use to alcohol abuse is often subtle and is the main reason millions are addicted to alcohol today.

According to Nora Volkow, Director of the National Institute on Drug Abuse, anyone who is sufficiently exposed to substances like alcohol, risk becoming an addict. With that in mind, the medical professionals at Alcohol Treatment Centers Buffalo recommend seeking treatment at the first sign of dependence to prevent experiencing full blown alcoholism. Speak with a counselor now at 716-262-3086.

Alcohol Treatment Centers Buffalo is a premier treatment facility providing the most innovative treatment for alcohol use disorders today. In addition, we are committed at Alcohol Treatment Centers Buffalo to integrate features into our treatment modules that transform the traditional rehab experience into a rewarding journey towards a new life.

Many patients allow the stigma of addiction or denial to delay their recovery. However, studies show that long term alcoholism has the potential to cause irreversible damage in innumerable areas of an alcoholic’s life. The longer the habit persist, it present more opportunities for one of 60 alcohol related diseases to develop. It also has the potential to lead to risky behavior that can result in a fatal vehicular accident killing the alcoholic and others or causing serious debilitation. Drug treatment eliminate these scenarios and the myriad other problems such as loss of income and destruction of relationships and homeless that alcoholism can cause. The primary benefits of professional treatment for addiction includes:

  • Haling chronic consumption of alcohol
  • Stopping the progression of mental and physical illnesses caused by alcohol
  • Medical care and compassion while going through alcohol detox process
  • Mitigating life threatening complications and the opportunity to relapse before the withdrawal process is completed.
  • Specialized treatment for the underlying causes of addiction such as mental illness; etc.
  • Learning about yourself and the issues that may be contributed to the problem.
  • Relapse prevention education and training to strengthen the resolve and ability to staying sober.

Maybe the most important aspect of treatment is identifying and treating mental disorders that drive alcoholism. Many studies show that when patients with this condition who are able to temporarily stop typically relapse if these disorders are not adequately addressed. Also, many symptoms of addiction tend to mimic those of a mental disorder, it is often challenging for substance abusers to recognize this problem. The complexities of treating addiction increase for those with these comorbid conditions. As such it is important to find a rehab center that provide dual diagnosis treatment when seeking help for addiction. Dual Diagnosis is therefore an integral component of the addiction intervention services offered at our treatment facility. Patients who receive long term treatment for addiction, research shows, are better able to sustain maintain their sobriety as opposed to those who do not. All research however, indicate that rehabilitation programs for alcoholism is essential to the recovery process as it is for any form of addiction.

If you or a loved one is in need of treatment for alcohol use disorder in call Alcohol Treatment Centers Buffalo today at 716-262-3086. Talk to our call center representative about accessing treatment through our inpatient medical detox, short or long term residential, partial hospitalization or intensive outpatient programs.

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