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8 Truths and Myths About Alcoholism Buffalo, NY

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Alcoholism, alcohol dependence, or alcohol addiction is a severe problem, throughout history. Regardless what we call it, it is destructive to the user.

Alcoholism is the inability to control and moderate the use of alcohol. Tolerance to, and withdrawal from alcohol are usually associated with alcoholism. But is everything we know about alcohol and alcoholism true? Alcohol Treatment Centers Buffalo uncovers some alcohol myths for you. Here are some myths and truths about alcohol.

Myth: Alcoholism is a weakness, and not a physiological condition

A lot of people think that alcoholics are weak persons who are generally not able to control the amounts of alcohol they consume.

This is a myth, because alcoholism is physiological condition rather than a psychological one. Genetic disposition to alcoholism and even gender can be some of the factors that might influence the general physiological predisposition to alcoholism.

Myth: The more one drinks, the higher the risk to becoming an alcoholic

There is a general opinion, that the more one drinks, and the longer the period of time one drinks, the more likely he or she will become an alcoholic.

Alcohol is a substance like any other substances, including food, that people consume. Different people assimilate different types of food individually. Likewise, some people do develop alcohol addiction regardless of the amounts of alcohol used, or the period of time of alcohol use. Others, though, can drink their entire life, sometimes even heavily, and not develop any addiction to it.

Myth: Alcohol reveals the “true face” of the alcoholic

Alcohol affects the brain in destructive ways. This may lead to severe emotional and psychological distortions of one’s personality. This is why many people under the influence of alcohol, and especially the ones who developed an addiction to this substance, become aggressive, irritable, emotional etc. An alcoholic reveals his/her true personality when he/she is sober.

Myth: Alcohol is a depressant

Due to the effect of slowing down the vital functions, alcohol is often considered a depressant.

This is not really true. It depends on the amount of alcohol a person drinks. In small quantities, alcohol actually acts as a stimulant. In bigger quantities, though, it does act as a sedative.

Myth: Personal problems can cause alcoholism

There is this myth, that people start drinking AND become alcoholics when they get in some kind of trouble or have problems (with friends, family, work etc.). Everybody has problems, regardless whether those are real or invented or self-made. The main issue for alcoholics is their undermined ability to cope or fight them. This might lead to worsening of an alcoholic’s problems.

Myth: Responsible drinking will never lead to alcoholism

Various physiological conditions are the main reasons that can determine if a person becomes an alcoholic. Regardless how responsible the person, the physiological predisposition to alcoholism will reveal itself.

Myth: Alcoholics can become social drinkers again

Addiction is a physiological disease, and even after years of sobriety, a small amount of alcohol can awake and revive the addiction.

Myth: Eating high sugar foods and balanced meals will help an alcoholic cope with cravings and will correct nutritional deficiencies

Firstly, sugar and high sugar foods can trigger an adverse effect, and intensify cravings. Secondly, balanced meals will not really help correct nutritional deficiencies. Mineral and vitamin supplements, which vary from person to person, will help correct nutritional deficiencies and maintain a nutritional balance.

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