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8 Truths and Myths About Alcoholism Buffalo, NY

Alcoholism, alcohol dependence, or alcohol addiction is a severe problem, throughout history. Regardless what we call it, it is destructive to the user. Alcoholism is the inability to control and moderate the use of alcohol. Tolerance to, and withdrawal from alcohol are usu
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Alternative Addiction Treatment Buffalo, NY

Addiction is a serious health condition. It affects a person’s physical, mental and emotional state. Alcohol and drug addiction is a common problem that affects all aspects of the addict’s life. Addiction treatments aim to help add
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Heroin Addiction Treatment in Buffalo

Heroin addiction is currently one of the most dangerous and prevalent substance abuse disorders plaguing residents in the United States. Fueled by massive dispensation of expensive prescription opioid analgesics, heroin has become the favored substitute due to cost and accessibility.  However, as the demand for heroin increase, drug dealers have a
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Klonopin Addiction Treatment Buffalo, NY

Symptoms of addiction relating to this medication can range from developing a tolerance to the drug, to experiencing intense cravings for the drug a short while after ceasing use. Addicts often become agitated or angry when the drug is not available. Seeking more than one doctor or consistently "losing" medication are also signs of addiction.

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